24–27 In the present study, a novel software platform for image p

24–27 In the present study, a novel software platform for image processing of the structural properties of the vessels is proposed using a human fundus red-free camera. The “Automatic image analyser to assess retinal vessel calibre” (ALTAIR) software platform employs analytical methods and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to detect the retinal parameters of interest. The sequence of the algorithms kinase inhibitor MEK162 consists of a new methodology

that can be used to determine the properties of the veins and arteries of the retina; together, this system unifies all of the methods for automation of the measuring processes of retinal vessels. Therefore, the general aim of the present study is the development and validation (reliability and validity) of the ALTAIR software platform in order to analyse its utility in

different clinical settings. The following specific objectives will be studied: Evaluation of interobserver and intraobserver reliability in determining the calibre of arterial and venous vessels, the vascularised surface and branching patterns using the ALTAIR software platform. Evaluation of the concurrent validity of the ALTAIR software platform, in different populations and ethnicities, by analysing the relationship between retinal parameters and other parameters of vascular structure and function, including carotid IMT, pulse wave velocity (PWV) and the cardioankle vascular index (CAVI), as well as injuries in other target organs and the cardiovascular risk. Evaluation of the evolution of target organ injuries and cardiovascular morbidity, and mortality according to the vascularisation parameters of the retina determined

using the ALTAIR software platform. Method and analysis Study design The first phase will be a cross-sectional study aimed at validating the developed tool. Subsequently, the second phase will consist of a prospective observational study with annual follow-up evaluations over 4 years. The study will be developed in a primary healthcare setting. Subjects Study population The population under study will consist of participants from 35 to 74 years of age with a cardiovascular risk factor according to the Dacomitinib 2013 European Society of Hypertension/European Society of Cardiology Guidelines.28 Participants are excluded due to the following criteria: psychic or cognitive disorders that interfere with the established requisites of the protocol; non-collaborative attitude; educational or comprehensive limitations; and severe comorbidities with a 12-month likelihood of life-threatening complications. A consecutive sampling of all patients sent to the research unit for cardiovascular risk evaluation will be performed, and those complying with the inclusion and exclusion criteria will be asked to participate until the estimated sample size is achieved.

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