My confidence returned Now, perhaps, we are on some more equal f

My confidence returned. Now, perhaps, we are on some more equal footing than earlier. I wish him for his birthday continued pleasure ITF2357 concentration and success in what he is doing and a little free time to look back at a fulfilled life as one of the pioneers of photosynthesis. Jane F. Hill Botanist and a Historian of Science Bethesda, MD In addition to his own major contributions to photosynthesis research and the history of that research, Govindjee has been a mentor and inspiration to many students and

researchers in both areas. He has guided me, and many others, with unfailing encouragement and support. He encouraged me to pursue my interest in the early pioneers of photosynthesis research, culminating in a chapter that I wrote on the subject for volume 34 (Photosynthesis: Plastid Biology, Energy Conversion and Carbon Assimilation) of his series Advances in Photosynthesis and Respiration (edited by Julian Eaton-Rye (author of this article), Baishnab Tripathy (a former student of his former student late Prasanna Mohanty) and Thomas Sharkey (who is co-editor, with Govindjee,

of the series)). Subsequently, he provided me further encouragement and guidance when I told him of my interest in translating from French into English an 1804 book by the Swiss plant physiologist Théodore de Saussure, who was the last of the early photosynthesis pioneers. That translation, for which he graciously contributed a foreword, included a lengthy introduction selleck products and other background material prepared by me. It was VX-689 manufacturer published

in 2013 by Springer as nearly “Chemical Research on Plant Growth: A translation of Théodore de Saussure’s Recherches chimiques sur la Végétation”. André Jagendorf Emeritus Professor, Department of Plant Biology Cornell University, Ithaca, NY Govindjee has made important contributions to the analysis of photosynthetic mechanisms, over the whole of his professional life. His work has been especially useful in defining the role of carbon dioxide in Photosystem II, and in the insightful use of fluorescence transients. However, I think an even larger contribution has been in prolific and highly extensive writing and editing. Partly this was through his efficient editing of the journal, Photosynthesis Research; it was partly done by organizing many symposia, and monographs. His exposition of photosynthetic mechanisms, his bringing in the writings by an enormous number of scientists, has helped all of us understand much more about the integrated processes involved in photosynthesis. He has, to a large extent, become the glue bringing together many workers and many aspects of this important section of plant biology. I think of Govindjee as being the heart of the community. We are all grateful for his energy and enthusiasm in unifying our field.

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