Our study’s aim is to derive combined PMD/sgTCD


Our study’s aim is to derive combined PMD/sgTCD

microemboli criteria to overcome this limitation. Patients with symptomatic carotid disease were prospectively enrolled within 24 h of symptom onset underwent 1 hour TCD emboli monitoring. We reviewed disparity between PMD MES criteria and sgTCD MES criteria. We compared combined PMD/sgTCD criteria to sgTCD alone criteria by measuring the intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC). Of 92 patients, 28 patients had evidence of MES on sgTCD or PMD. Total Ensartinib MES count was 269 based on sgTCD criteria, and 326 based on combined PMD/sgTCD criteria (P= 0.005). Combined PMD/sgTCD criteria revealed 17 MESs (4.8%) based on sgTCD criteria to represent artifacts and 57 MESs (17.5%) not to be detected by sgTCD criteria. Overall ICC based on sgTCD criteria was 0.67 [95% confidence interval (CI): 0.58–0.74]; however, introducing combined

PMD/sgTCD criteria resulted in a significant increase in the ICC, 0.91 (95% CI: 0.88–0.93). Our combined PMD/sgTCD criteria for MES appeared CH5424802 molecular weight to improve the yield of MES detection. Reliability in MES detection interpretation was improved when combined PMD/sgTCD criteria was applied. “
“Several prospective studies have shown that carotid endarterectomy can reduce the risk for subsequent ischemic stroke in patients with 70-99% stenosis of the internal carotid artery (ICA). However, its benefits are still controversial in less than 70% stenosis of the ICA. There is increasing evidence that

上海皓元 carotid lumen irregularities may correlate with neurological symptoms. Recent development of computed tomography angiography (CTA) can provide adequate information on the carotid plaque morphology. In this study, therefore, we aimed to clarify whether carotid lumen morphology estimated by CTA correlates with neurological symptoms in patients with 30-69% ICA stenosis. This study included 67 carotid stenotic lesions with 30-69% ICA stenosis in 52 consecutive patients. These 67 lesions were examined by CTA from the viewpoints of the degree of stenosis, the prevalence of ulceration, and lumen morphology. Multivariate analysis was performed to detect significant predictors for the occurrence of ipsilateral ischemic events. Multivariate analysis showed that the irregular shape of the carotid lumen was the most powerful variable to predict symptomatic lesion in 30-69% ICA stenosis. These findings suggest that the morphology of carotid plaque may be associated with the occurrence of ipsilateral ischemic events in 30-69% ICA stenosis. J Neuroimaging 2011;21:348-354. “
“Cerebral mitochondrial dysfunction has been observed in Parkinson’s disease (PD). If mitochondrial dysfunction is an early event contributing to PD development, then noninvasive techniques that detect disturbed energy metabolism in vivo might be useful tools for early diagnosis and treatment monitoring.

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