Subjects Subjects consisted of 599 players from 32 teams which pl

Subjects Subjects consisted of 599 players from 32 teams which played in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, with particular consideration to the Korean Republic��s team members, as well as the four best teams, i.e. Spain, Netherlands, Germany and Uruguay. Methods For the assessment of the players�� motor kinase inhibitor DAPT secretase activity during matches, common kinematic test results recorded by means of the Castrol Performance Index were used. With a set of cameras, each movement of every player over the whole field was recorded, and this material was then processed through a special program into quantitative data. Based on this data, the analysis was made of total distance covered by the team, as well as by individual players, maximum running speed and average match running speed for the team and individual players, with regard to the division into formations: defenders, midfielders and strikers, was performed.

Maximal running speed was assessed for each player in each game. Based on the Castrol System, running speed greater than 22 km/h (6,11 m/s) was considered as very high. Maximal running speed, for teams and formation, was calculated as an average from individual highest speeds reached in matches played. Average match running speed was calculated by dividing the distance covered during matches played by total playing time. Statistical analysis The results obtained were subjected to a statistical analysis, where arithmetical average and standard deviations were taken into consideration. Covered distance, maximal running speed and average match running speed were examined using a repeated-measures analysis of variance (RMANOVA).

Afterwards, significant results were analyzed by means of simple contrast. The level of significance was accepted as p��0.05. Results The total distance covered by Korea Republic football players in four matches played at the World Cup of 2010 was 427.80 km �C including the goalkeeper. The Koreans covered the longest distance in their win over Greece (2:0) �C 108.82 km and the shortest in their heavy defeat to Argentina (1:4) �C 103.10 km. The difference between these values, 5,72 km, was statistically significant (p��0.05). During the last group match, a 2:2 draw with Nigeria (103.10 km), and also in the 1:2 loss to Uruguay in the 116 final (108.36 km), the Korea Republic players covered a significantly longer distance (p<0.05) by 4.

43 and 5.26 km respectively, in comparison to the shortest distance covered in the match against Argentina. It should be noted that the total distance covered in the win over Greece and the loss to Uruguay were at the same level. Table 2 presents Anacetrapib the average distance covered by Korea Republic players, excluding the goalkeeper, in comparison to the four best teams of the 2010 World Cup. The longest distance was covered by current world champions Spain, followed by Uruguay and the Netherlands. However, these results were obtained after overtime.

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